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Budapest, March 23, 2020


Dear Partners,

Dear Customers,

With regard to the domestic and international epidemiological situation, we would like to inform you of the following:


Quotations and orders are still processed uninterrupted.

Our production capacity is still in operation and we are waiting for orders from our Partners.


Our running projects are not endangered by the virus situation, and our employees work on the projects to finish them in time.


We keep in touch with our partners electronically and over the phone.


- Prepare for a protracted epidemic that will last until the end of 2020

- Maintaining and keeping the company functional

- Maintaining the quality of production and services

- Protecting the health of workers and their families

- Ensure the livelihood of workers during the crisis


In view of the epidemiological situation:


At our company we have implemented strict hygiene measures.

It is strictly forbidden to enter or stay in the company area in case of cough or body temperature above 37.5 ° C! If a person starts coughing or becomes feverish during working hours, he / she must be immediately notified and immediately separated or leave the company. You must wear a mask during your departure. In this case, the area where the worker has turned should be immediately disinfected.

Handshake, hug, etc. forbidden!

In certain workplace negotiations, let us be side by side rather than face to face!

In work areas where a longer distance between colleagues (min. 5 m) cannot be ensured permanently, the continuous wearing of the MASK is mandatory during work.

After each trial, the conference room must be ventilated and disinfected. Ventilation and disinfection are the responsibility of the negotiator. Handshake with the negotiating partner is also prohibited.

We should preferably not group together within the company or outside it. Maintain physical distance and observe hygiene regulations. Avoid community spaces outside the company!

We do not accept visitors from the infected area.

Travel abroad for private purposes must be reported and authorized.

We limit personal meetings and business trips.

Only outsiders who are in good health and have no symptoms of coronavirus (such as fever or high body temperature, cough, muscle or bone pain) may enter the company.

It is forbidden to enter the area of Csepel Machine Tool Ltd. with these symptoms or worse!

On arrival, a third party must be subjected to mandatory inspection, in all cases hands disinfected and a mask worn. Outside persons may only move within the company area with a colleague from the company.

Our service colleagues only carry out URGENT on-site work. Our colleagues are required to follow health procedures during service work. During the on-site work, please observe / adhere to the safety distance defined by the Operational Staff. Please disinfect the affected external surfaces before our colleagues arrive or before using the machine again. If our colleagues consider that the health and safety conditions at the place of work are inadequate, they are entitled to refuse the job.

Our management team constantly informs the company's employees about the current situation, minimizing and avoiding infections.

Every day we follow the guidance of the Operational Staff and the Government, and our company will always act accordingly.