SLT-400/1000 lathe

SLT400 eszterga

Standard machine
  • 60° cast-iron slant-bed,
  • hardened, ground, assembled slide-ways,
  • cast-iron headstock, main spindle bore d=82 mm
  • slide guidance with plastic coating,
  • backlash-eliminated balscrew-ballnut movement,
  • slide-way, ballscrew protection with sliding cover,
  • 12-position VDI turret, bidirectional positioning,
  • rotary encoder for thread-cutting,
  • measuring system with rotary encoder for both axes,
  • hydraulic unit for chuck and tailstock,
  • hydraulic tailstock-quill movement,
  • mechanical tailstock dragging and fixing,
  • foot switch for chuck operation,
  • two-stage back gear,
  • chip-conveyor, compl.,
  • working area cover, compl.,
  • machine lamp,
  • coolant supply equipment, compl.,
  • electric box built in a casing,
  • FANUC 0i TB CNCunit
  • FANUC 22/26 kW AC main dive and main motor
  • FANUC electronic handwheel
  • FANUC AC drives and motor 20m/min
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